Available courses

Industrial Engineering Fundamentals

Philosophy of Industrial Engineering. Roots. Analysis of Industrial Revolutions. Where is the World going?

How are the production styles of four factors in economies, i.e. Knowledge, Communcation, Logistics and Energy affects life styles? Systems engineering approach to production of 4 factors. Details of four factors starting with Money creation (knowledge). The production of four factors in each industrial revolution. How are the methods and tools of IE utilized for four factors?  

Introduction to Management Information Systems

We will be using SQL Interactve Site (Sql.drcetiner.org) throughout the course. The username for SQL site is u8309752_sql. You can get password from Prof. Çetiner. Please note that the enrolment key for this course is a separate thing and you also need to get course enrolment key from your lecturer.

The Discord Group for course is https://discord.gg/e7G2rBA
Discord Group for the community projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB

Advanced innovative Design Management for Entrepreneurship

We intend to grow inventors within the course by applying the wellknown TRIZ principles.

The Discord address is https://discord.gg/mPfj8ka

The Discord address for TRIZ Community Projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

The course is associated with Website for interactive SQL usage. The site is sql.drcetiner.org

The UserName is u8309752_sql and ask for password from Prof. Çetiner.

There are two courses with codes EM-7703 and MIS-7722, respectively. You need to join in Discord at https://discord.gg/e7G2rBA

The Discord group for Community projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB