Available courses

Introduction to Management Information Systems

We will be using SQL Interactve Site (Sql.drcetiner.org) throughout the course. The username for SQL site is u8309752_sql. You can get password from Prof. Çetiner. Please note that the enrolment key for this course is a separate thing and you also need to get course enrolment key from your lecturer.

The Discord Group for course is https://discord.gg/e7G2rBA
Discord Group for the community projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB

Advanced innovative Design Management for Entrepreneurship

We intend to grow inventors within the course by applying the wellknown TRIZ principles.

The Discord address is https://discord.gg/mPfj8ka

The Discord address for TRIZ Community Projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

The course is associated with Website for interactive SQL usage. The site is sql.drcetiner.org

The UserName is u8309752_sql and ask for password from Prof. Çetiner.

There are two courses with codes EM-7703 and MIS-7722, respectively. You need to join in Discord at https://discord.gg/e7G2rBA

The Discord group for Community projects https://discord.gg/HDxH8bB